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Friday, July 8, 2016

What I'm Reading ~ Volume 6

Noah's Wife by Lindsay Starck - I stumbled on this one just browsing the library shelves. Honestly, that's my favorite way to find good books because there is no expectation, just curiosity, and yet my "to-be-read" pile (list) is just too long to allow for frequent browsing. This was a lovely story of a preacher named Noah, and his wife, who move to a town where it won't stop raining. It's not a re-telling of the Biblical story, but there are animals that take refuge in the town church. I liked it and am glad I took a chance on it.

Give Your Child the World by Jamie Martin - This book is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to introduce their children to stories that take place all over the globe. Mostly this is a book list, divided into age and geographical categories, but it's packed full of wonderful recommendations for your family. And as a fun little side note, I'm quoted in it (and didn't even remember submitting the quote!).

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah - I waited a long time for this one and it was worth the wait. This book lived up to the hype and I loved it. It's not often that I finish a book and immediately look forward to reading it again someday. It's a beautiful story (historical fiction) that takes place during the Nazi regime - a story of bravery, courage and beauty in a desperate time. 

A Fatal Grace by Louise Penny - This was the second in the Inspector Gamache series and I enjoyed it immensely. I never would have described myself as a lover of mysteries, but I'm enjoying them when I read them. There were so many interesting details and tidbits woven into the story that I'm still working out in my mind (like the title). I look forward to reading the third book in this series soon.

Come as You Are by Emily Nagoski - I think I first heard about this book on the Sorta Awesome podcast where it was described as a must read for all women. I ordered it, recommended it to a friend, then started reading it. And started wondering if I should have recommended it to my friend. This book made me blush at times and some of the homework assignments were uncomfortable (so I skipped them), but I also learned so much about female sexuality. I also watched the author's TED talk and found myself giggling at her humor. 

Raymie Nightingale by Kate DiCamillo - This was our first read aloud of summer. We love Kate DiCamillo's books and this was also a fun read. It's not a tale of grand adventure - just the story of three ordinary girls who become friends. My girls thought it was fun that it was set in 1975, when I was just 1 year old.

I'd love to know if you've read any of these titles and what you think of them. I'd also love to know what you are reading now....

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  1. The Nightingale is on my list!


  3. I really enjoy Kate DiCamillo's books, so I have been curious about Raymie Nightingale! I will have to check it out!
    I read The Nightingale this month! It was overall a good read, though I think I preferred All The Light We Cannot See when it comes to WWII fiction based on France. I did, however, really appreciate that the book was told from the perspective of two women!

    Here are my June reads: