Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Vacation, Compassion and Home

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

We spent our first full week of summer in Central Oregon - a favorite vacation spot of ours. 
South Sister and Broken Top mountains, as seen from Sparks Lake

South Sister as seen from Lava Lake

the Deschutes River

Smith Rock State Park

lunch with a view
We rented a boat and explored the lake for a bit
Friends from church drove down to hang out with us for a couple days

We came home on Saturday to a busy weekend - we were hosting Compassion Sunday at our church. This was our fifth year, and we had the honor of hearing from Compassion alum, Giltbert Mfitundinda of Uganda. You can read more about our Compassion Sunday presentation and event on my other blog, Compassion Family. I never get tired of meeting these amazing people who have benefitted from Compassion's sponsorship ministry. It encourages me to be a better sponsor and advocate for the children. 

Farm fresh eggs come with feathers

My garden is entering a new wave of bloom...

and the frogs are everywhere and they are tiny!


  1. The pictures from your trip are amazing, gorgoeus!

  2. These pictures just made me smile from ear to ear! So pretty and I love the little frog!

  3. Great shots - all of them - as usual!
    Thanks for joining the weekly photo link-up at

  4. HA ha! Love the eggs with feathers. And once again, you make me want to drop everything and explore Oregon. I love the moment you captured with lunch on the dock.

  5. Beautiful pictures of some beautiful countryside. I love that garden blooms come in waves! (And you have the cutest little frogs that visit your space...)

  6. Such wonderful images! I love that you all involve yourselves with Compassion! Just love your heart for that. Our eggs used to come with feathers and other, ahem, organic material on them in Thailand. I would dutifully wash my eggs before storing in the fridge. A new comer wondered why I did that, until she bought her first dozen eggs.

  7. The mountains are beautiful! The picture of the little frog on the flower is cute.

  8. Oh my goodness those tiny frogs are desperately cute!!!