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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring Break

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

Don't you love the brightness of spring colors in nature? The greens and yellows just POP! These first few pics are from Maryhill in Washington. There is a vineyard and an art museum and we spent a little time at both over the weekend. 

These next pics are from an outing we did with homeschool/church friends. We took advantage of a break in the rain to visit the always amazing Multnomah Falls (in Oregon). 

sliding down rails

poetry tea time

Celebrating J. S. Bach's birthday

backyard robins

fun bridges

hiking with friends

I think my camera leveler is off. I took it in to the shop to have it looked at, and they told me it was fine, but it seems like so many of my pics come out crooked. 

Like these...

Then again I was out wine tasting...perhaps I'd already had too much? 

It's "spring break" in these parts this week, but we took our break a couple weeks ago. Still, school has been light this week and we'll take Friday and Monday off completely, to observe Easter. I always feel a "push" after Easter to buckle down and finish school. We still have a good two months to get through things, but it's so hard to concentrate and stay inside when the weather starts getting nicer. There are tulip fields to visit, gardens to plant and so much more! 


  1. I so want to visit the falls when I am there in a month! And the tulip fields, if they're still in bloom!

  2. Beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing at

  3. I wanna home school with you. Love those pictures. WOW those falls are amazing.

  4. I love the grandeur of the falls and the intimacy of the buds and tiny details of spring that you've captured. Each alone is enough to fill me with awe - but, somehow, together that sense of wonder at the depth and breadth of all the beauty in the world is magnified!!

  5. Such a beautiful walk through your spring break memories! Always feel joy looking at your captures.

  6. Your photos of the Gorge always inspire me-- I miss it!

  7. Those falls are beautiful, we don't have many like that in the UK


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  9. First photo and that of the waterfalls are gorgeous, Jill!
    Would love it if you add any of these of the thumbnail link of SEASONS of this week (Mon-Wed till 7 pm) - the link is already open. Have a wonderful week!

  10. What kind of art museum was it you visited? (As an artist I'm always curious about that) All these tender shoots of new life are heart warming! Many thanks for being a part of SEASONS! Have a joyful time this week!

  11. Those falls are just breathtaking! Lovely images.

  12. Wonderful spring photos--great pic of the robin. The falls are just gorgeous!

  13. Wonderful post. I love Multnomah falls and you captured some wonderful shots of the falls and the nature around it as well. It's been sometime since I've been to Maryhill but your pictures were just a lovely reminder of what a neat place it is to visit.

  14. Multnomah falls -- amazing! I hope to see them one day!