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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Good, Random, Fun ~ Weeks 10 and 11

I was out of town last week, so I'm covering two weeks worth of Good, Random, Fun today. Also, I'm completely aware that my weeks are off between the post title and the drives me crazy, but it's the way it is.

the GOOD
In 2016 I'm attempting to do #52weeksofstorytelling with a different theme each week.
Week 9/52 - Mornings

I love waking up before everyone else and getting some quality quiet time in before facing my day. For many years my girls would wake up and play in their room until I came to get them. Now, however, they wander down and find me. I'm trying hard to cherish these moments and not resent the fact that it's no longer alone time for me. More often than not they'll grab a book and we'll read....separately but together. And then after breakfast I read aloud to them. 

Week 10/52 - Outdoors

Spending time outdoors together is easily the most defining thing about our family. Even on the days we don't leave our house, my girls will find a reason to go outside. I love looking out the window and seeing them walk circles around our yard talking and telling stories. It's not a big yard, so it can seem funny to see them pacing, but it's also extremely comforting and heart warming.


Spring has sprung here in the Pacific Northwest and it's a beautiful sight to see!

We took a road trip to Utah for a week and had fun exploring this new to us place. We visited Utah's Olympic Park and Capitol building.

Then we headed southeast to Moab to visit Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Both were spectacular!
Corona Arch, walking a trail, small arch
Mesa Arch, ancient juniper, Balanced Rock
Delicate Arch, Dead Horse Point, Broken Arch

the FUN
Last March I participated in "building a rainbow" and I'm doing it again. Each day I post a picture featuring the day's color and at the end of the month I'll collect them in a calendar app and create a rainbow. Here's what I've got so far....

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  1. Your trip to Utah looked amazing!!!
    Love the rainbow - how fun!

  2. Love your pics from Utah! The last time we were there, we were in Zion Nat. Park and Bryce canon, and wanted also to go to Arches, but didn't get to it! This makes me want to go again!
    Hope you will join me in my new meme Seasons, and there is still time this week, because the thumbnail photo link is open from Mon-Wed. 7pm, Pacific time. Hope to see you there and have a great week!

  3. Thank you for linking to Seasons with your flower bud. So fitting for the title "Almost Spring!" Your other flower captures are also beautiful! Your joining is appreciated, and hope to see you back next week!

  4. What fabulous rock formations! Utah has a lot of great stuff to see.

  5. What beautiful photos! I live so close but have never been to Utah! I'm an early riser to capture some me time as well. It just me and the critters until about 5:15.

  6. I love the picture of your girls holding hands. My oldest son would regale the rest of the kids at night with stories he made up. They would all smash onto the bunk bed and listen to his hilarious crazy tales. Your image of your daughters walking in the yard and talking and telling stories brought that memory to me today. Love your thoughts.

  7. I love those spring has sprung photos, especially the gentle pink bloom.

  8. So many awesome photos here. I've visted Arches National park before and I just loved seeing your photos of it. Brought back great memories. I also live in the Pacific Northwest and yes we have amazing and beautiful springs here.

  9. That silhouette should be on a wall in your house... so pretty. "Spring is here, Spring is here, It's the best time of the year." ~Little Bill

    Unfortunately we moved to a place that does not have much color. But fortunately I have friends all over the globe sharing their color, woohoo!

    Your trip looks like a blast!!

    Lisa @ LTTL