Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


taking a moment to find joy in the little things

We had some unusually warm weather the past week, with blue skies and sunshine. It was a lovely glimpse of what is yet to come. Crocuses are blooming, as are several other early spring flowers. Even though I live in a very rainy climate most of the time, there are breaks in the rain and spring does start pretty early here. 

We do our best to take advantage of dry weather in these parts. Whether it's going for walks, runs or getting outside for other activities, we try to make it happen. We live within walking distance of an archery range and both of my girls like to shoot arrows. I took my camera along and did a different kind of shooting.

Sunday was really nice and we headed to a part of the city we've not explored much. There is a new bridge in Portland and we decided to walk across it. Then we walked through the city and along the waterfront. It was glorious.

While out for a walk I saw this heart-shaped patch of moss growing on this tree.

And someone added a cute little zebra to our front garden. We haven't had any displays lately, so this find was quite a surprise. I think it's almost time to start creating our little fairy gardens again - the neighbors seem to get a kick out of them. 


I love this time of year...a time of fasting and reflection.
I have so many thoughts running through my head this year that are taking me to a deeper understanding of Christ's death, burial and resurrection, and ultimately what it means to call myself a Christian.


  1. Ahhhhh, grape hyacinths!! Sigh. It's snowing here so this a feast for the eyes!

  2. I feel that this Lenten season will be especially meaningful.
    Thank you for sharing at

  3. My sister said it was warm! The new bridge is so cool, Noam and Ronan loved watching it get built!

  4. Well, lucky you! I checked the forecast this morning and it said more snow this afternoon. No spring here in Iowa yet.

  5. On my next trip to Pdx, I will certainly try to get to downtown and walk that new bridge.

  6. We had a couple of almost spring days recently too. Such a tease that weather! Great shots of the bird - they seem so easily startled to me so really impressed with your work.

  7. I think my girls would LOVE a bow and arrow set like that! So neat that you can WALK to an archery range! God Bless

  8. Abundant signs of life there! I am touched by the simplicity of your crucifix and the image of Christ carrying the Cross. Thank you for sharing.

  9. You have already spring, we here in North have still winter. Beautiful flowers and scenery.

    R. Täysin arkista

  10. An early spring seems delightful. It seems yours is prolonged as well. Our's last just about a minute before the heat comes to stay. I so enjoy seeing all of your captures.