Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


taking a moment to find joy in the little things

Even though we have had freezing temps a few nights, there are still some pretties growing and blooming in my garden.


I'm loving my centerpiece this's doubling as our advent "wreath".

Even though it isn't very traditional, I think it's perfect for our space. I got the bowl in Nicaragua earlier this year. The girls and I picked up the pine cones and chestnuts at the park in the fall. And my mom sent me the table runner. Just yesterday I added the red jingle bells for a little color.

I'm also loving this year's mantel. My first idea was to make the J and Y out of sticks....but then I realized I'd have to find already curved sticks for the J and quickly gave up that idea. Also...those "trees" dried out so quickly and are quite brittle despite my efforts to water them. I probably shouldn't light the candles as they are right next to a fire hazard! {a little funny and real}

The sun was shining in and she was just sitting there, playing her violin.

One of my favorite traditions is that we write out Luke 2 on the wall in our kitchen. 

It's been quite rainy here this week...record breaking rainfalls caused this major road in our area to collapse. 

What started out as a one lane problem, escalated into a complete washout by the end of the day. It forced the community college to close and will take a long time to repair. It's weird how we went from drought like conditions this summer to way too much rain. And the rainy season has just begun. (these photos are not them off instagram)


  1. Wow - that road caving in is quite the sight. I hope no one was hurt!
    I love your non-traditional decoration - it's very pretty and unique.
    Thank you for linking up at

  2. Peace and joy to you and your family in this Advent season!
    Regards from Germany, Uwe.
    All our flowers are already gone...

  3. I love your decorations, expecially the table decoration. I hope the road can be fixed soon.

  4. Hope you guys are staying dry and safe! My sister and crew lost power yesterday and the boy's school was closed!

  5. Love that joy sign! Is it weird that I think the pinecones almost resemble a nativity scene with how they curve towards the little one? Ha!

    1. at first I didnt' know what you meant, but now I see it! I like the idea so I'm going with it!

  6. We are enjoying a mild December here in Indiana. I am able to supply my kitties with fresh catnip from the garden. I love your decorations, so lovely. Roads that wash out are so troublesome. One was just repaired near my home. Oh, the detour was frightful.

  7. Hi,
    Love the Joy on your mantle. Amazing how
    mother nature works. Have a great day!

  8. I love your use of "natural" objects in your holiday decorating. You centerpiece is wonderful and your mantel joyful! Yikes to the road cave in! Gorgeous color in your garden. Many many years ago, I received a Charlie Brown Christmas card with Linus and Luke 2 ... I've kept it all these years and use it in my decorating.... it is what it is all about.... :)

  9. We have been experiencing that same rain here (although much needed, it has caused problems indeed!). I love how you write out Luke 2 each year - how perfect. Your centerpiece is beautiful and I love the theme of Joy!