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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Welcome November

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

Overall, early November is easily the most colorful part of autumn in the Pacific Northwest. We do have some trees that begin to show off early - in September and October - but I've noticed over the past few years that early to mid November is our peak. 

I might just be me, but I think this year is the prettiest I've ever seen here. I had another friend mention the same thing so maybe it is a bit more vibrant and colorful this year. 

I've mentioned our new church building a few times on here, but our grand opening weekend has come and gone and it was a success! Not only did we manage to get everything picked up and put together, so many people from the community came to celebrate with us! We had no idea how many people to expect, but God knew just the right amount. It was exciting, but not overwhelming. 

On Saturday I was able to get some pics of the building (other times I've tried it was just too messy and chaotic!)

this is the view when you walk in the front doors...

and this is the sactuary...

We have a full-sized gymnasium with a basketball court and track.
There is also a weight room down below, and locker rooms with showers.
This will be open a couple times a week for the community to use.

This is a photo of my girls' room...they have their own service up here during the first service of the day, and then my girls will attend the second service in the main sanctuary. (Recent studies show that the number one factor in kids keeping their faith is to participate in intergenerational worship, that's why we have them go to the main service after their kids service.)

And this is the entrance to our children's wing....It's hard to capture just how cool this hall is. 

This is "my" room...the library / bookstore. I am heading this up and have spent many hours getting it ready in the past couple weeks. 

These really aren't that funny, but I did want to show off the costumes my girls made this year. My youngest was a hawk and my oldest was a dragon. Sadly, it rained the whole time we were out trick or treating.


November is another full month for us. We have four "gigs" this month, so I need to make time to practice every day. I'm also playing violin at church on Sunday (I'm a little nervous about that). As far as exercising, I need to get creative because running is just too painful for my hip. I find it really hard to make time to exercise at home - I always find something else to do. Also, I've got a whole pile of books I'd like to read, and a dvd workshop on writing I'd like to get through. So those are a few of my goals this month...


  1. Beautiful shots... as yours always are. I so enjoy visiting your blog each week and am thankful that you're a regular visitor to image-in-ing's weekly photo linky. Thanks for joining us this week at

  2. Your new church is amazing!! At my synagogue they are so big on children being in the service to participate and learn - they have their own age appropriate services too - and go out and come back - noise is good as my rabbi says!

    1. I don't know why every age group feels the need to separate and then entertain themselves accordingly. We all have so much to learn from each other!

  3. Gorgeous autumn colors! I love the photo of the trees with the sky shot. It was a beautiful day to be out snapping pictures. BTW, I grew up with boy (he was 2 years older) in southern WV with the same last name as yours. Do your or your husband have family there? Thanks for stopping by Jill and joining my linky party!

    1. family in WV. My in-laws are from western NY and my family is from IL

  4. Replies
    1. aren't they fun? So the girls were in a play that they wrote with their friends and their play characters were a hawk and a dragon...thus the costume choices! They had so much fun making the costumes.

  5. Jill--agreed-the colors around here (I'm in Renton) are stunning this year. Your church's new home looks lovely--and the library-wow!

  6. Congratulation on your new church building! Beautiful! Our church has a gym/sanctuary combination...very functional and somewhat pretty, but this feels more like a worship center to me!

  7. Didn't realize you were from the Pacific Northwest, I am too. YES the colors have been amazing. The church you have is beautiful. I love old stained glass windows and old scratched up pews. In fact one of these days I am going to get one for a prayer place.
    visit my blog if you want

  8. Your fall is just glorious and I'm so envious. Ours is more dull this year with so much rain. Maybe that means snow for winter?