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Monday, September 7, 2015

Good, Random, Fun ~ Week 35

I'm calling this episode of Good, Random, Fun a "study in perspective". I didn't mean  for it to have a theme, but after looking at the photos I realized they shared this common thread. In fact, I'm currently taking a break from instagram (which is why there are fewer photos this week) and blogging (which is why I haven't posted in a week), in an effort to change my perspective of time and how I use it. 

I'm just popping in for a bit to say hi and let you know where I've been. I might do that from time to time this month, but I'm giving myself permission to step away from posting on a regular basis. So far, I'm pleasantly surprised with the results and how much extra time I've had to do other things. 

and now on to my "study in perspective"......

 the GOOD
we are more familiar with the front view of flowers, but the back view is just as pretty (in my opinion)

it's amazing what a change in perspective can do. This was actually a small puddle, but when you lay down and look at your subject from a different level, it looks like a much larger body of water. 

the FUN
I follow several instagram hubs that feature weekly themes or prompts. This past week was "emojis" and here were my two contributions (I wish I could insert the emoji here....

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  1. These are all amazing! Enjoy your little break and start of your school year!

  2. love the one with the reflection of the sky especially! Have a happy week!

  3. I'm a complete fan of puddles and relfections! And the "other" side of flowers. Perspective changes are so important - wishing you lots of breathing space and new insights!

  4. Beautiful pictures as always. I took the entire month of July off from blogging and it did me a world of good. I am posting less now and feeling relaxed about it. Love how you capture life - keep enjoying it!