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Saturday, August 1, 2015

101 Things Every Girl Should Know - Book Review

Every once in a while I receive free books from Booklook bloggers in exchange for an honest review. I recently received and read 101 Things Every Girl Should Know. I figure as a mom to two daughters who will be teens before I know it, resources like this might come in handy.

Sadly, the cover of my copy started coming apart when I first opened it. I'm hoping this is not a common problem and I just got a bad copy.

The photos in this book are bright and relevant and the book is set up in magazine style - short, precise paragraphs pertaining to a particular topic.

Although my girls are still a bit young, I think this book will come in handy when they are ready. The advice in this books covers many topics like friendship, school, fashion, self-confidence and more. And the format is such that any girl could pick it up, read a couple pages and then move on to something else.

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