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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

And then it was July...

taking a moment to find joy in the little things



4th of July celebrations

my kids made a sign about what is appropriate for the bunnies

It's been so incredibly hot and dry here - so unusual for us here in the Pacific northwest. Waterfalls are drying up and the river is incredibly low. Even though I water most days, some of my plants just can't take this heat. 

Also...the ducks have grown up and no longer visit our yard. Instead we get visits from this guy...not cool. There might be more than one as we see rats in the front yard and back yard - they seem to love the fallen bird seed (which the ducks also loved). 


  1. What a gorgeous start to July!!
    LOVE the bunny sign! I worked at a day camp that had a turtle i made a sign for my energetic 5 year old boys that said "the turtle is not cleared for take off!"

  2. Gorgeous photos - they always are at your place!
    Thank you for sharing at

  3. The garden shots made me sigh and relax. Nice

  4. You have beautiful flowers, and beautiful photos.

  5. I do love pink cone flowers!!! The photos of the butterfly are breathtaking!!! Wishing you will!

  6. Beautiful flowers and your sparkler play looks like fun. We do that on New Years Eve. I love the kids bunny list. They are such a cute animal but we can't have them as pets here in Qld, Australia as they are a pest and if caught you will get a massive fine :( . Thanks for showing us your summery place.

  7. Would love to follow you around on your nature outings! That bunny poster is just so so cute! I hope you keep that!