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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Finding Joy in the Little Things

taking a moment to find joy in the little things


On Saturday we made our family debut at the Farmer's Market, playing mostly Irish folk tunes. 
It was fun and the girls did a great job.

That afternoon we visited the guy who made Kevin's newest guitar. He showed us around his shop and explained the process of making a guitar - from finding the wood to all the special details.

I have learned a thing or two about ducks by watching them so closely for a couple weeks. For one...they can be really dumb. They have gotten too big to go through the chain link fence, but that doesn't stop them from trying. We have a small gate/door that we open for them, and sometimes they will come right through. But more often than not they will first try to walk through the fence. And even if they do come through the door, they don't remember to go back out that way.

After I snapped this photo, they walked right past the door and tried to get out through the fence.

This beautiful tall grass is growing all around the side of the pond - just on the other side of our fence. 
At night the light shines through it and it's so beautiful. Last week I decided I would go out there with my camera and try to capture the light.

Apparantly I'm quite allergic to the tall grass, because almost immediately I was itchy, my eyes were running and I was sneezing. I've never had trouble with allergies so I was surprised. But Oregon is the #1 state for allergies right now, and Allegra and I have developed a close relationship - we are inseperable!


  1. You take the most spectacular pictures and truly make the little things stunning!!

  2. Great photos, which is what you share every week!
    Thanks for linking up at

  3. Beautiful pictures!! Love the guitars and the hummingbird best!

  4. The photo of the violin is so wonderful! There is something so incredibly old world romance about a violin! Would love to have heard you all at the farmer's market. Your blog is such a peaceful place to visit.

  5. Gorgeous photos! Love the duck photos, well captured!

  6. Really nice. I, especially like the sun shining through trees framed by the wood trellis?! Anywho, the sun makes a gorgeous star pattern through your lens eye ~ great capture! I also, liked the photo of the violin nestled in the flowers ~ artsy!

    Would love to have you join my #WW linky party here!

    Have a fototastic day! ;)

  7. Some great photos here. Loving the hummingbird and the painted building.

  8. wow great images. How fun to get to see guitars being made!!

  9. I love that you guys played together at the farmer's market! What fun! Some of my fondest memories as a child are playing my flute with my dad (he played the guitar). We never played outside our church family...but what fun that would have been! :)

  10. Beautiful photos. I love the violin in the garden. That's so cool that they played at the Farmer's Market. My daughter plays piano. xoxo Su

  11. Oh the hummingbird is just so cool. We don't have those in the UK


  12. Oh the hydrangea make me want to weep. Mine are bloomless again this year. They are my favorite and I hate going without them. Hope your allergies improve!

  13. LOL, your duck observation made me laugh. I have a dog like that :-). Okay, and these shots are really fabulous friend. Your camera skills just amaze me sometimes, I am loving the composition of your violin shot.