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Friday, March 20, 2015

Random 5 Friday


1. Spring is here officially and I'm very excited about that. Spring came to the Pacific Northwest early this year, but it's still nice to know that soon I can plant the garden and that the trees will have leaves. 

2. It's also ant season. On our walk the other evening we passed several thousand ants.

3. There is a house in our neighborhood that has what we call the humming bird hotel. We've walked by a few times now and each time there are multiple hummingbirds hanging out on the front porch. We've counted as many as 9 at a time. 

 4. One year ago today we arrived in Thailand and spent the day with our sponsored child, Orm.

5. Been thinking about my grandma a lot this week. She's 99 (100 in June) and is slipping away quickly. We think she had a stroke earlier this week. She's not talking anymore, and is hardly eating and drinking. I'm so thankful for the wonderful memories I have and that I've had her in my life this long.

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  1. Happy Spring Jill - beautiful pictures! So sorry to hear about your Grandma. I lost a Grandma and Grandpa both recently (both in their nineties as well). I felt the same, so thankful to have had them that long - that our daughter not only knew them but knew them well due to their length of life. The memories are precious indeed.

  2. What a sweet picture of you and your grandma. And all those hummingbirds are amazing!

  3. Love that purple petal photo. Wonderful picture of you and your Grandma.

  4. Sad that your sweet grandmother is slipping away. 99 is a wonderful life achievement! Love the photos. Very nice Random 5.

  5. Send spring this way!
    So sorry your grandma is slipping away, but an amazing life I bet she had!

  6. And I thought the east coast had all the ants. ;) What a great opportunity to visit your sponsored child! Also sorry to hear about your grandmother.

  7. Hummingbird Hotel--I love the term. My neighbor has a BandB for hummingbirds :)
    I'm so sorry about your grandma. You are truly blessed to have had her this long, and your girls will treasure those memories, too.