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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Early Spring

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

While some are still under feet of snow and experiencing crazy winter weather, spring has come early here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm not sure if we ended up breaking any records, but we were close with highs in the upper 50s/low 60s.  It's common to see the earliest spring flowers blooming in February (daffodils, crocuses), but it's not common to see the trees breaking out in blooms this early.


We went to Seattle this past Friday and Saturday and had some great weather there, too. We bought a City Pass which allowed us to do several touristy things at a much more reasonable price. With the exception of the Aquarium, these were all new to us so it was fun to see new things. 

EMP museum

2 rides up the Space Needle


the Aquarium

a harbor ferry ride

The Flight Museum

This is a statue in my neighborhood that I pass when I'm running. I noticed the people are growing mossy hair and thought it was funny!

I have one really messy daughter. It wouldn't be so bad if she eventually got around to cleaning up without prompting, but it doesn't even cross her mind. And then when I do ask it's as if I've asked her to climb Mt. Everest without oxygen. 


  1. Love the Seattle pictures! Sitting at their airport, now (-:
    It was GORGEOUS in PDX, I had to remind myself it was February not April.

  2. LOVE your blossom photos- just love magnolias!

  3. Wonderful series - you always have such wonderful photos!
    Thank you for sharing at

  4. The mossy statues are my favorite shot. Brought a huge smile! I have one {bordering on} OCD-like kid and one hoarder who would never clean up if not kicked in the booty! A real Felix and Oscar pair. Now that the messy one has a home of her own, she's genuinely improving...but geesh. It sure did take years!

  5. Beautiful spring pictures! It was on its way here, but then an ice storm blew through and coated our budding maples and daffodils in half an inch of ice. We'll see what makes it through that trauma.

  6. Wow, Spring has really sprung. I'm kind of surprised by how early. I live in the Deep South and we really don't have anything blooming yet. These are so gorgeous!

  7. It's great to see the first signs of spring--it's invigorating and makes you smile! Your aquarium shots are awesome!

  8. that mossy hair growing in the statues' heads are cute indeed...lucky you you have the spring coming already :)..cheers from freezing NYC..

  9. Jill, your Seattle photos are stunning! I had no idea we are 'neighbors'--I'm just down the freeway in Renton. Aren't we blessed with this early Spring?

  10. Beautiful photos of Seattle. We haven't been in a long time (other than passing through and even that has been quite a while). Your photographs have made me want to plan a trip there soon. I also love the moss on the statue - so sweet! I have to say I am loving this PNW weather even though I am praying for those less fortunate with such severe cold and snow and ice.

  11. Oh man, oh man, oh man. I am missing those tiny spring flowers. Thank you so much for posting them, they make my heart happy.