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Monday, December 29, 2014

Lights and Bunnies

It's been quiet at our house this week. Last week I wrote about slowing down for Christmas and in a random turn of events I hurt my ankle and was quite literally slowed down. I ended up going to the doctor and getting xrays. Thankfully there is no major cause for the pain, but I did come home with one of those stylish walking boots and instructions to stay off it as much as possible.

Before the diagnosis and orders to stay off the feet, I managed to hobble through our towns zoo lights. It was beautiful and such a fun, colorful display. 

And we managed to pull of a pretty big surprise for the girls on Christmas morning. After opening a box of rabbit supplies, they went to the garage where they found these cuties waiting for them. So far they are such good pets to have.

Leeli and Buttercup

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  1. Oh, how fun! They're so cute! But sorry about the ankle...hope it's feeling better!

  2. The bunnies are so adorable! Love the zoo lights, this is the first year I'm not in Oregon to see them!
    Hope your ankle mends well!!

  3. Bunnies make the best pets! Check out the House Rabbit Society for lots of good rabbit tips :) they can even be litter box trained! I had a wonderful pet bunny for years & still miss her. Hope you heal soon!