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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black and White Wednesday

Today I give you three nature shots in black and white....

a feather

birch bark from my backyard

and snow on curly branches...this one is not edited in black and white -
this is really what it looked like.

and a bonus photo...
this is how we homeschool
I particularly like the stripes of the blinds and the stripes of her shirt.

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  1. Lovely nature shots in BW and love the little girl photo the best! So sweet!

    Happy Thanksgiving,
    artmusedog and carol

  2. Lovely b&w photos!
    My post at:

  3. Such a nice collection - I so enjoyed thinking "black and white" for instagram! Thanks for the 'challenge'! Those curly branches with snow are both amusing and amazing!! Hugs to you and wishes for a wonderful holiday weekend!

  4. I always love black and white photos. But basically, I always love your photos! Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jill. xoxo

  5. Your first one is striking, while your third one is intriguing:)

  6. I do love the snow on that curly tree!

  7. The curly branches picture is beautiful! I love it!