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Monday, September 8, 2014

Our Simple Homeschool Space

We aren't quite back to school yet. We've just gotten back from a week away, and we need one more week before cracking open the books. This week will be our back to school preparation week and we'll do some fun things to field trips, school pics, schedule prep and more.

August was my month to plan and I went ahead and rearranged our homeschool space for the next few months. I'm really pleased with the changes and am eager to get back into our studies. It's amazing what a little shuffling of the furniture can do to change the atmosphere of a room.


  1. You gotta know that lovely old cabinet caught my eye!

  2. I L��VE the giant map! Your school space is perfectly lovely. Happy back-to-school days!!

  3. what a sweet and simple space - looks lovely! Best of luck in the new school year.

  4. Jill, the space is just perfect. Like!