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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flowers and Ferries

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

So many pretty flowers this time of year. We were in Seattle over the weekend and I spent some time at a garden shop and at a farmer's market. Oh...and then there was Pike's Place Market.

We took a ferry ride over to Bainbridge Island and on our way back had this great view of Seattle's skyline. We were thrilled with the weather as it was forecast to rain all day.

These two...
although they drive me crazy and wear me out, I am blessed beyond measure to be their mother.

We finished our Language Lessons books this past week and I told the girls we should celebrate. My oldest said, "The real celebration will be when we can throw these out!" I looked out at the street and saw the recycling bin so we headed out and tossed our completed workbooks in. They were a little surprised that I let them do this. 

Here in the Pacific Northwest we seem to have a certain dress code that's not necessarily hipster or cool, it's just weird. I wish this pic was better, but hopefully you can get a glimpse of what I'm talking about. This guy was wearing animal print shorts, a jean jacket, a baseball cap and carrying his own purse. And check out the shoes...

Although we have finished quite a bit of our formal curriculum, we've got quite a ways to go with math. I've learned that we don't spend enough time on math each day. We'll likely limp our way through math and science for the next month and then go on official break after Suzuki Institute in June. 


  1. What a beautiful collection of flowers !

  2. Love the flowers! And yes, that guy's outfit was 'interesting!'

  3. The pictures from Seattle are amazing!!

  4. Seattle and the dress code... haahaa, yes! I get that. We went last year and loved it. We did not spend enough time there, I would really like to go back. (PS- I sent you a little email for a blog tour. Let me know if you got it, hope it didn't go to you spam.)

  5. Pretty flower shots and great cloud photo! Part of the fun of going to different cities (especially from a rural area) is to see the crazy outfits that people where.

  6. Lovely flowers with pretty colours.

  7. Wonderful post ~ gorgeous series of photos ~ all ~ especially love the 'girls' ~ so cute ~ xoxo

    artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

  8. The flowers are stunning! Love all the variety in color and kind!

  9. Those flowers are beautiful. I do LOVE this time of year.. I Love the ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge, I have taken it a few time when we were camphost in Port Townsend.. The view of the Seattle skyline is beautiful. I bet your girls were surprised that you let them through out there finish books. Love that photo.


  10. All of those flowers are a feast for the eyes! I bet you had a lot of fun capturing them.

    Your daughters are so cute! Throwing out finished curriculum? Super fun!

    I have a friend who always says that she has her kids do a few math lessons a week through the summer "so their brains don't fall out." lol I think we are going to use a lot of Khan Academy for that purpose.