Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Goodbye February

taking a moment to find joy in the little things

Another week full of pretty things...mountain views, waterfalls, spring flowers, sunsets...

We had a "weekend son" and it was fun to have a boy around the house for a couple days. We took him hiking, because he's a city boy, and well, we love to hike. Hiking always makes me happy!

On Monday we tried to go cross country skiing. We finally have enough snow and decided to go on Monday to avoid all the weekend crowds. Well, Monday it decided to rain and rain and rain. The radar showed the showers passing through, but sometimes the mountain produces it's own weather and I guess that's what happened. We skied for about 20 minutes before we were drenched and decided to quit. 

Um....the other day I wanted coffee in the afternoon and so I made a pot. Except I forgot to add the coffee and I ended up with a pot of hot water. 

I also showed up at a violin concert without my violin. My daughters and other students were playing at a local nursing home. I taught a lesson before heading out to the nursing home and had the following exchange....

Me - "I guess I won't play anything today. I think there are enough students playing to fill our time."

Student's mom - "Oh, but I've never heard you play and would love to. Please play."

Me - "Ok. I'll at least take my violin along and see if there is time."

So I went up stairs to get my violin case and then headed down and out the door with my kids.  At the nursing home, I opened my case to find there was no violin. It appears you have to put your violin in the case and not just carry the case. Oops!

My 9 year old had an orthodontic consult this week. It looks like she'll be getting braces in a couple months. Thankfully we have good insurance and the length of treatment at this stage is relatively short (6-9 months).


  1. Gorgeous photos! Hot water just isn't the same as hot coffee..huh? Brain just needs to take a rest sometimes I guess =)

  2. Oh my, you are getting forgetful like your momma!
    loved all the pictures

  3. You've captured some really beautiful moments here! Love the sunset! Well done!

  4. your pictures are stunning, especially the waterfall. LOL, the coffee moment that sounds just like something I would do... so funny.

  5. Amazing light and colours in those sunset shots. I hope that march brings some kinder weather


  6. I love your sunset photos. The colors are so vivid! And of course, the sun flare :)