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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Creating New Habits

I need some new habits.

I have decluttered and minimized and decluttered and minimized some more, but some days I feel overwhelmed by all our stuff.

Today I realized there are two reasons that I am feeling this way....

1. Our stuff hasn't gotten put away in its proper place.

2. I haven't finished what I've started.

I really need to work on both of these areas. Granted, I'm not the only one living in this house, but I will not pick up after everyone all the time. So in addition to setting a good example, I need to help my children to learn to put their stuff away.

Right now a quick walk around my house shows so many examples of how stuff either hasn't gotten put away, or we've started something and haven't finished it....
coats, hats and gloves left out after playing outside

my fleece thrown over the couch after taking it off

kitchen counter littered with scarf I took off while cooking, dinner that never made it to the refrigerator, the remote control and a few toys

papers that never made it to the recycling bin

Compassion letters I started but haven't finished

stuff we pulled out the desk that doesn't belong there - but we didn't finish our job, we just left it on the futon

coats - hanging only inches from the coat closet

my workspace...another fleece draped over the chair, the camera I used yesterday, books left out from this morning.

If I had continued my walk you would see dishes drying in the sink, laundry piled on the bed, shoes piled by the door (instead of on the shelves next to the door), and more. I am horrible about putting things away or finishing what I start. 

This is what I'm going to tackle this week.... I need to create some new, good habits in these areas. 

A place for everything and everything in its place.

What new habits do you need to create?

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  1. Thank you so much for linking up with my new weekly link up!! I hope this will be a way that we can encourage each other to tackle those projects around our home that drive us nuts or that just need to get done!! So here is my suggestion, maybe tackle one item, maybe the coats. 'This week, we will make it a habit to put the coats where they belong.' If everyone complies, celebrate with something special :)

  2. Make it a game. Put the timer on and see who can put away the most things, properly, of course.

    Last resort after many reminders: if my kids left things all over, the items got "grounded". Not the kids, but their things were sent to solitary for a set time.