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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Black and White Wednesday ~ Nurturing My Creativity

I've recently found a new outlet for creativity and it's unleashed a part of me I didn't know existed. I haven't always thought of myself as a creative person. (even though I'm a musician). I guess I was comparing myself to people who create visual representations of their art.

But creativity is more than that. If God is the Creator, and He created us in His image....then doesn't it stand to reason that we were created to be creative? That each one of us has a need and ability to create?

Photography, specifically Instagram and the daily photo prompts I follow, has opened up a whole new world of creativity for me. Without them, I tend to photograph landscapes, nature and people (specifically my kids).

But participating in daily photo prompts has made me think outside the box. Take the photo above. Any guesses on the prompt? This photo actually fulfills two prompts from two different lists.

Then and now......and feet.

Here area  few other favorites of mine....
the prompt for this one was black and white...I love the beautiful, vivid colors of flowers,
but when I see them in black and white I look at them differently.

Drink of choice....I love having hot tea in the late morning and early afternoon during winter.
Using a clear mug and setting it on top of music gives the photo a completely different look.

Finding new ways to photograph my violins has been really fun.
I did this one without a prompt, but then submitted it to "curved". 

Here's another one you've probably already seen....the prompt was "tiny",
so I got out my 1/32 size violin and put it next to my full size violin.

The prompt for this was pastel....Just a stack of books with a pastel color scheme and then photographed off-center.

The other creative outlet I've recently link-ups. I've been participating in Like Mother, Like Daughter's {p,h,f,r} link-up for over a year. I love the weekly look at blessings that surround me.

Some new ones I've chosen because they are fun and they fit what I'm already doing here. Others have been chosen because they stretch me My Memory Art's Black and White Wednesday and Six Word Fridays.  Another one is A Glimpse of Our Life's Scripture and a Snapshot.

I am loving these challenges and how they stretch me and nurture me creatively. When I get beyond the obvious and dig deeper, I come alive. I'm trying to set aside time each day to grow in this area and satisfy this need to create.

How do you nurture your creativity?

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  1. One of my favorite creative hobbies was exploring industries served by railroads and how the work the railroads do there could be interpreted on a model railroad. An unusual hobby for a female to be sure but I become very well known in the model railroad hobby world for this activity. Years later I still get an occasional email thanking me for my insights which feels very good indeed. Isn't it amazing how many ways there are to be creative?

  2. I am really enjoying your Instagram photos!! Once this play is over, I am really hoping to take some time to get my camera out again and go through some tutorials, but some of these daily challenges look like they would be fun to participate in too :)

  3. I too find the weekly challenges fun such aa Black and White Wednesday, Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I also participate in Floral Love Friday and Photo Art Friday which are once a month. My daily challenge is the MCP Actions photo a day. each month they give a prompt and you can post a photo on Instagram or Facebook. I don't have Instagram so I do the FB one. Some of the prompts are hard. And you are free to participate as you can-the whole idea is it is not to be a chore and to improve our photography skills.

    Your curves shot and the black and white feet and tulips are wonderful. I have discovered that I like black and white just as much as color, which surprised me. I thought I would be a strictly color girl.

    1. I'll have to check out the ones you's been fun trying new things. It can be time consuming, but also inspiring and a bit of the kick in the pants to think outside the box. At first I thought the daily prompts would be a chore, but I'm finding them inspiring. I don't do them all...