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Friday, October 11, 2013

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We are back from our big adventure, and it was a good one! We started by flying to Denver and had the opportunity to drive down to Colorado Springs to visit Compassion International's global ministry center. It was a happy day for me!

Then we flew to New England (NH and VT) to visit friends, family and our old home. Both of our girls were born in VT and we moved away when our youngest was 5 months old. She turns 7 tomorrow, so it's been a while since we were there. It's strange being a tourist in a place you used to live. So many memories. It's the place where we both started our careers, bought our first house, bought our dream house and became parents to two beautiful girls. 

Here are some pics from our trip.....

Does fall get any more beautiful than in New England? Unfortunately, 3 of our 5 days were cloudy and rainy,  but the fall foliage did not disappoint. These trees could be anywhere in the country, but the fact that they are in Vermont (a favorite place of mine) makes them all the more beautiful.

Happiness is finally visiting the Compassion headquarters and seeing where and how the ministry works.

Happiness is playing with leaves

and tubing despite the fact it's cold and rainy

Happiness is seeing grandparents and cousins!

As we wandered around the University of Vermont, we found this gigantic fireplace and the girls got in. Who needs a fireplace big enough that 7 year olds can walk in without ducking?

We had a horrible travel experience from Denver to New England. Our flight was delayed and we knew we'd miss our connection so we rebooked to a different city. We ALMOST didn't make that connection, but did. Getting a rental car was a nightmare and then our luggage didn't come. (Did I mention it was midnight and we still had a 2 hour drive to our final destination). Anyway....this is what Delta gave us to hold us over until our luggage would be delivered. 
Tiniest tube of toothpaste ever.


We are home now and it's back to work, school,  regular life and rain. We've got a birthday to celebrate this weekend, so it's exciting! And it's still very much fall here and time to visit some pumpkin patches and apple orchards. 

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  1. So fun! I'm glad you had a good trip minus the flight issues! I love you and Jesus hanging out :)

    1. I'll have lots more pics of our trip on my family blog...

  2. Beautiful pictures! Sarah had so much fun! She was so sad to leave them. Glad you had a great trip and am laughing at Deltas "generous" gift! Happy B-day K!!

    1. Thanks for letting Sarah come...the girls had a blast!

  3. Just love the photos from your trip!! So beautiful!!

  4. Your pictures this week, WOW! I am speechless, except to say I must go to New England! Thanks you so much for sharing I definitely have the bug now. I am thrilled you have a fabulous vacation, we all need those once in a while for sure.

  5. Oh, sorry I'm running so late on this :-( the week got by me fast.