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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In the Kitchen ~ Countertops

Today we are going to talk about countertops.

I have a fairly small kitchen. I've seen smaller, but I've also seen larger. Some people dream of having big kitchens, but I love working in smaller spaces. I like having everything I need within reach and even like having limited preparation space.

The key to making a kitchen less cluttered is to keep the countertops clear. The other day we talked about removing small appliances from out countertops. What about everything else?

Here are a few steps you might consider taking towards clearing your countertops.
  1. Take an honest look at what is living on your countertops. Determine if it deserves a spot of premium countertop real-estate. Consider alternatives to where you could relocate the item. 
  2. Completely clear off your counters. Everything must go.
  3. Step back and admire your kitchen.
  4. Determine what gets to return and find new homes for everything else.
  5. Stand guard because clutter will quickly find it's way to the newly cleared space. You've got to play offense on this one!
Your challenge today: Clear off your counters and keep them cleared for a full 24 hours. Especially notice how you feel when you walk into the kitchen first thing in the morning and you see clean, cleared-off counters.

A peek into my's what I allow on my countertops:
  • fruit bowl (it's pretty, functional and easy access to a healthy snack)
  • cutting board and knife block
  • toaster oven
  • small plant or vase of flowers

I tried keeping the knives and cutting boards off the counter, but found it to be a big inconvenience. And there was that time when I dropped that big cutting board on my bare foot and did some damage. I tend to do all my chopping and cutting in that corner, so keeping it there makes sense.

Do your counters need some clearing?

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  1. I so need help with this. My kitchen counters attract a lot of clutter because we have one big living room/dining room/kitchen area and everything just seems to end up on the counter. I need to get better about just throwing things away and getting rid of more things so I have space in cabinets to hide the things we don't need every day. Where do you keep your canisters and things like oil spray/oil for cooking (if you use oil)?

    1. I keep all my canisters, oils and sprays in the cupboards. If you have fewer dishes, pots, pans and cookware in the cupboards, then there is more room for other stuff.
      eVERYTHING I have that is used in the kitchen is stored in my kitchen. I don't have a hutch or large's all in the cupboards.

  2. Thanks for this...heading off to clear my counters this minute!