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Monday, October 7, 2013

In the Kitchen ~ Appliances

The kitchen is one area where most people could easily do with less. Before you start decluttering in the kitchen, evaluate what you need - what you really need - to make the most of your kitchen.

I've read other people's opinions about what is needed in the kitchen, but they aren't me. I'm the only one who can determine what I need to prepare food for my family.

We have an use all the major appliances. Some will say you don't need a dishwasher if you are a minimalist. But I do use it - daily - and having it simplifies my life.

As for small appliances, here's what has made the cut in our house:

  • crock pot - 1 size
  • toaster oven
  • coffee pot
  • kitchen aid stand mixer
  • small hand held blender

And here are some examples of what we don't own (anymore):
  • blender
  • juicer
  • specialty coffee pot
  • bread maker
  • rice cooker
  • waffle maker
  • food processor

I've  gotten to the point where I really do use what I have...and I use them often. 

The only small appliance that lives on the counter permanently is the toaster oven. All others are stored in cabinets and pulled out as needed. For some, like the coffee pot, this is daily. I much prefer clean, spacious countertops over the small annoyance of pulling it out each day.

I also use dishes and silverware every single day, but I don't keep those out on the table or counter. It's not that big of a deal to pull them out - especially if you store them in a convenient location. I store the coffee pot under the sink so it's easy to pull it out, fill up with water and get started. If I had to go to another room or the pantry to pull it out, it would be quite inconvenient.

You don't believe me or think it would work for you? Humor me and give it a try. I used to think it would be a pain to pull my Kitchen Aid stand mixer out every time I needed it, but it's really not a big deal. (Consider it your arm workout for the day). I really think you will like the extra space on your counter. If you don't, then by all means....put it back out. It's YOUR kitchen, after all.

I'd love to know what appliances are must-haves in your kitchen and what you keep out for regular use. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. In the winter I live in a van converted to an RV. I have one one kitchen counter and it is 6' long and includes a deep, single bowl sink. Nothing stays out. In my cupboards I have an induction burner, a food processor, a blender, a cutting board, a colander, and a dish draining rack. These take turns being used on my counter depending on what my next task is. They all get put away after each use. It would be hazardous to have any out while driving so even if I had more counter space they would all get put away anyway.

  2. I'm surprised you don't have a blender or a food processor. I have both, but I really only need the blender (the food processor was a gift), because we really enjoy smoothies. The food processor does come in handy for certain dishes, though, so it has earned it's keep in my kitchen lol. Do you just use your hand-held blender for blending things like smoothies or milk shakes (or do you not make those things at home)? I don't have a stand mixer and I've gotten by so far without one, although occasionally I think it would be nice I don't want another appliance in my kitchen!

    1. I make smoothies regularly, but just use my hand blender/mixer and it does the job. I used to have a food processor, but HATED getting it out and cleaning it up. It was old and very bulky.

  3. I keep out the coffee maker and the stand mixer because my old lady back wouldn't be able to lift it in and out of a cupboard. I hide the toaster since we rarely use it and I'm wondering if we even need it. The immersion blender is great because it's so multi-functional and works better than the cheap blender I got rid of years ago. C, I use a glass pitcher for smoothies and just use the immersion blender and it works great. I do have two crockpots because I do use two at a time sometimes, though they do take up a chunk of space in the cupboard. I think that's it. Oh, I have an ice cream maker, too. But I do actually use it and love it :) I agree about the dishwasher. Although, I'm realizing that my boys don't actually know yet how to wash dishes by hand which is slightly embarrassing!

  4. Bosch mixer (includes a blender that works with it), toaster, crock pot, coffee maker. That's it. I leave the coffee maker on the counter, but everything else gets put away. The Bosch gets used probably twice weekly. I have a baking day when I make most things, but since I love to bake, it usually comes out at least one more time in a week. :)

  5. i love my bread maker. i found a convenient storage place. i don't use it weekly, but i use it often enough to make it worthwhile. made calzones for Father's Day for my man-in-plaid - so much easier - do all breads on raw dough (see recipe on last week's blog) (: