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Thursday, May 30, 2013

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Another beautiful weekend walk with beautiful views!

We've had some of those rainy / sunny / rainy / sunny days lately. The kind of weather that just can't make up its mind. The kind of weather that makes you wary of going for a walk because the rain clouds could roll in at any moment. But on days like that, it's not unusual to see bright, full rainbows. This one was on our street this week.

Butterflies make me happy. This one was in our yard and was injured. He let the girls hold him since he couldn't really fly away. The poor guy didn't make it, but it was fun to have the personal encounter with him.

I've really enjoyed playing my violin and viola recently. It's been fun to steal some moments to play. 

When it's a holiday and you're bored and you know you need to work out, what do you do? Bench the kids!

He claimed he could bench me, too, but when we tried I was laughing too hard to be able to keep my body in a stiff plank.

Freaky, realistic masks that make my kids look older....

I have a lot of spring cleaning to do both inside and out. It looks like Halloween around here with all the cobwebs. My windows need to be washed, the house needs to be presssure-washed, the yard is out of control weedy....

This one below is taken from inside. It appears there is a spider family living between this blind and the window. Gross.

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  1. Rainbow in the sky and rainbow sweater...I love rainbows! The sky is gorgeous on those first photos, too.