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Monday, April 8, 2013

Project Simplify ~ Drawers and Shelves

I was excited when I saw Tsh at Simple Mom announce 2013's Project Simplify. It's a simple way to clear out some unnecessary stuff.

Week 1 - Drawers and Shelves

At first I had a hard time figuring out just which drawers and shelves I would tackle. Then on one of my trips to the garage, I was again disgusted at my corner shelves and knew that had to be my project.

The majority of the garage is my husband's domain and I try not to let it bother me. But this one corner - this one set of shelves is almost all mine. If I can have one calm, clear corner of the garage, then I will!

There was one full bin of toys that my girls no longer played with. Just as I was ready to go through that bin, they both appeared in the garage. I was very hesitant to open the bin with them present, but I did and they agreed that they didn't want any of it anymore! Pleasant Surprise!

I also realized I had a bin full of fish tank stuff and an empty fish tank on the shelf. I'm not entirely sure we are done with fish, but knew I could use the tank itself to story the fish tank stuff. Another bin emptied!

Now I had two empty bins to put some of the other stuff that we need to keep but never gets used into. (Like the extra seat from our van, and extra mats for my husband's car...stuff we need to keep when we pass the vehicles on to someone else).

I am very pleased with the results. No more overflow onto the garage floor! I think it's worth mentioning that no items were moved to a different part of the garage. I was able to do a lot of decluttering and promptly made a trip to the local thrift store to donate the unwanted items.

I have a few more spaces I'm working on, but I need a little more time. They might not have been finished in time for a post, but they are getting an overhaul and that's the important part!

Project Simplify on Simple Mom


  1. It looks great! I think I need to find some of these bins to store stuff in. I seem to have a mishmash of junk all over my attic. Or maybe I need to just get rid of it all, because for the life of me I can't remember what is up there besides our Christmas stuff!

  2. Decluttering really is the best solution. I love to shop, but I love the feeling of dropping off a box (or six) at the thrift store even more! ;) Garages are so tough . . . I love that you did what you could with your area. I've been held back by not knowing what to do with my husband's stuff in the garage, but there are so many things that I COULD deal with. You're inspiring me! :)

  3. Oh looks SO great!! :)