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Thursday, April 4, 2013

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More spring flowers...

And the coast...oh so pretty!

I LOVE lilacs and last year planted this bush. I'm so happy to see it has a bloom!

My girls painted me some "garden friends" this week!

This is what I found when collecting the history papers the other day....

My husband brought home this HUGE box from work on Monday. The girls are loving it and call it their "submarine". It's rather large and takes up quite a bit of space. So right now this is what my family room looks like.

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  1. Your flowers are so pretty! There is nothing more refreshing than spring blooms!!
    And that box is fantastic, I would like to play in something that big, so fun!

  2. What a great box! Your photos are all so beautiful...last month we planted 8 new lilac bushes; I'm praying they take.

  3. Your views are so breath taking, I am so jealous! And that box? I can't imagine how many hours of fun that will bring!