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Thursday, March 14, 2013

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Yesterday it was sunny and warm (70), so the girls and I took a walk to our neighborhood park. Here's just a sampling of the beauty we encountered on our way.

I had a $100 gift card for Pier 1 that I received as a Christmas present. I decided to take some time to go check out what they had this weekend and was quite disappointed with how boring I've become. This was actually my second attempt to use the card, and I would talk myself out of almost everything for fear it would just end up being clutter. 

So I bought a purple candle, a charger to set my cross to cradle wreath on and one other thing (see funny). Boring.

And then I saw this as I was walking out.

I love butterflies and I love how this adds color to my other boring, I mean neutral, futon. It makes me so happy. 

Another very happy moment in our world was Compassion International's announcement of the new CEO and president elect - Santiago (Jim) Mellado. He will be replacing Wess Stafford who has been president and CEO for the past 20 years. Although everyone in the the Compassion family is sad to see Wess leave, we are excited to see what God will do under the leadership of Jim. 

This candle snuffer was my other big purchase at Pier 1. I knew it was not practical, but when I saw it I remember how we had a candle snuffer and how much I loved using it. I also knew that by buying one I would guarantee daily fights between my 2 girls about who's turn it is to use it. What I didn't expect was my husband's comment. When he saw it he said, "You are the queen of clutter!" 

So apparently, despite my great efforts to declutter and minimize our possessions, I am still a "clutter queen". And this is the straw that broke the camel's back.

My dear husband came home early from work on Tuesday to get a good start on our master bathroom project. After 4 hours, he had the tile laid in the main area (that used to be carpeted). But then he realized he used a cheap, bad brand of mortar. In the morning we easily popped the tile off - a bad, bad sign. We knew we had to start over...only first all the tile has to be removed and cleaned and all the mortar has to be scraped off. 

Back breaking, muscle aching work. And oh so dirty. We all worked on it (the girls too) and were able to get it all off. Hopefully we can lay the tile again tonight.

Oh the joys of being a homeowner who wants to add value to their home. 

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  1. Your pictures have me SO ready for spring. We are just starting to warm here so there aren't any blooms yet but I hope they are close, that is my favorite time of year! And the clutter queen had me cracking up, that is so something my Hubby would say too - over something so small. I love it! Good luck with the bathroom work, ugh, that's a lot but it will be beautiful!

    1. Last spring was so, so wet, so I'm not taking this beautiful weather for granted. And I know many of my friends are still shoveling snow....

  2. Ha! You are the least cluttery person I know!! What a pain about the tile. I remember installing tile at our old house and don't think we will ever tackle that job again. Hope it sticks this time!

  3. Oh, my goodness! How wonderful to have so many beautiful flowers in your area so early in March! I know Lenten Rose blooms early, but those hibiscus are GORGEOUS and I thought they needed much warmer weather to bloom. Your pussy willows look like they are already going to seed & ours are just starting to open out.
    The embroidered butterfly pillow is so pretty - a lovely "pop" of color on the neutral futon.