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Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's Shoebox Time

Operation Christmas Child

Are you packing a shoebox this year?

I am passionate about doing missions with my family ~ about including my children and serving others together. This is such a practical, tangible way to introduce and involve your child(ren) in global missions.

My girls and I have been doing this for years and it's always a highlight of our year. We've done this so many ways ~ on our own as a family, through our homeschool co-op and through our church. It doesn't really matter how you participate ~ it's all fun!

Simply get a shoebox, pick a gender and choose an age range. Then go shopping and fill your box with lots of goodies ~ both practical and fun. Find a collection site near you and drop off your box between November 12-19. Your box will then get delivered to a child in need somewhere in this great big world.

When I was in Peru a couple years ago I met David, one of our Compassion child. He brought along a photo album for me to look at, and in one photo I noticed a younger David standing in front of a shoebox. When I asked what this photo was about, his mother excitedly began telling me that David had received a shoebox full of goodies from Samaritan's Purse.

Unlike most Americans or other first world citizens, third world citizens only have photos of very special moments. Birthdays. Graduations. Baptisms. Weddings.

For David, receiving a shoebox was a very special occasion.

So what are you waiting for? Take a moment to invest in the life of a child. Pack a shoebox.

For more official information, visit the Operation Christmas Child website.

Are you packing a box?

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