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Thursday, October 25, 2012

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taking a moment to capture contentment and joy in every day life

little girls, all dressed up like queens ~ so pretty

I love my violin and think it 's so beautiful. The fact that it was made in 1769 makes is even more beautiful to me. I would love to know the story of its life ~ who has played it, how many hands have held it, when it was made, etc. Every scratch, every mark is part of that story. There are even initials carved into the scroll!

My marigolds are still blooming and still so pretty.

Our monthly trip to the local nursing home brings us so much joy. It fills my heart to see my girls willingly sharing their music with the residents. I let the girls wear their new queen dresses.

my oldest doing her math

My oldest is quite the artist. I've known this for quite a while, but every now and then she does something that really amazes me. I find drawings all over the house, every single day. Right now she's drawing her version of the characters in the Mistmantle Chronicles. She has a very distinct style, wouldn't you say?

This is one of her recent drawings that just blew me away. Yes....she was using a "how to draw" book, but this was done free-hand...not traced.

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  1. Wow - I agree that your daughter has talent! How old is she?

    I love love love the pictures of your violin and the marigold. Beautiful.

  2. Those drawings are quite impressive!

    And I must agree with you that violins are beautiful... I love mine, too, although it's by a modern maker and not nearly as old as yours is.

  3. Wow! She does have talent! I also love how she does her math!

  4. Your daughter's drawings are amazing! She certainly does have quite a style. And I'm sure they are quite a hit at the nursing home. Great costumes :)

  5. It's funny, cause when I saw the picture of your daughter doing her math I seriously thought, "She must be artsy." And then your next line says she is quite the artist :)Something about that pose just gave it away.

  6. Isn't it amazing how and where our kids end up doing their school work? :)

  7. I love the costumes and the violin, just beautiful:D I just know you brightened up the day for the people your girls played for.

  8. Great photos! your violin is lovely. The photo of your daughter doing math in that funny position just cracks me up -- my kids all did that too. Sometimes I wonder how anyone makes it through "real" school!