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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I'm a bit of a New Year's Resolution junkie.

I love making them. I love setting goals. I love seeing growth in different areas of my life.

I know some people don't like them and that most people don't keep them. But I love them, and it's usually the week between Christmas and New Year's that I spend the most time thinking about them.

Because New Year's resolutions are notorious for being unattainable and quickly forgotten, I have developed a way to keep them relevant and myself accountable.

First, I identify the areas of my life in which I would like to see growth.

  • spiritual
  • physical
  • family
  • missional
  • musical
  • reading

Then I set reasonable, attainable goals for myself in each category. 
  • spiritual
    • read through Bible (same as last year)
    • memorize an entire book of the Bible (last year I memorized 25 passages)
  • physical
    • work up to 20 push ups (last year's goal was 15)
    • run 5k or 10k race
  • family
    • backpacking trip
  • missional
    • monthly visits to local nursing home (with my kids)
    • every other monthly visit to local outreach (with my kids)
  • musical
    • two personal practice sessions each week
    • play in church 3 times
  • reading
    • read three more classics (last year I read Don Quixote)

You get the idea. My list is always a work in progress and I give myself the freedom edit it as the year goes on. I don't want resolutions "set in stone", but rather want to write down my desires and then be able to intentionally spend my time and energy moving in a forward direction. It helps me see the bigger picture ~ the forest through the trees ~ the light at the end of the tunnel. 

And then there is the accountability bit. I always share my list with my husband (and he shares his with me). I'm also sharing my list here with you. It's fun to go back to the list at the end of the year and see how far I've come and what new steps I need to take.

I also have been choosing one word for each year as a spiritual discipline. You can read about that HERE.

So there you have New Year's Resolutions for 2012.

In case I don't come back until next year....


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  1. I really enjoy making resolutions for the year, whether they are actualized or not, it's so nice feeling that sense of forward momentum. I also love the idea of picking the word for the year. I definitely know which one I have chosen, I just need to write a post about it.