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Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting Away From My List

Last week was “back to school” here at Foley Academy. It was exhausting.

Although we had eased our way into a routine, it felt like I took on another full-time job. All my normal “things to do” got written down on a list which grew to great proportions by the end of the week. I was feeling overwhelmed, behind and exhausted (I think I mentioned that already).

I needed and wanted an entire weekend to get caught up and crack away at my list.

My husband had another idea. He needed (wanted) time away. And so, we packed up and set off for a 3 day camping trip. I was a bit reluctant to leave my “things to do” for 3 whole days, but I did.

It was a glorious weekend for camping ~ beautiful weather and no crowds.

We arrived at our first campsite and discovered we could rent a canoe.


The lake was beautiful ~ crystal clear ~ and home to great wildlife and plant life.




The second campsite the next day (my husband gets bored quickly) was just as nice. We had a very secluded spot with our own lake access.


We also had stunning views of the surrounding mountains.


This second campground was a walk-in site, so we got to practice minimalist living. We also got to practice primitive living ~ no water, no facilities ~ just nature.

Nothing….I repeat NOTHING….on my list got done, yet I still managed to come home feeling ready and eager to tackle another week. I’m pretty sure I would not have felt this way if I had stayed home all weekend working on my list. Here’s the thing about lists – they are never ending. Once I cross off an item on my list, I tend to add something else to do.

I came home, threw away my list and decided to start the week with a clean slate. I thought I wanted time away from my kids, but what I really needed was time away from my list. I’m so glad I took time to make memories with my family.


Sisters (both the girls and the mountains)


  1. Sounds like you needed to take the time out to refill your cup. Something I seem to easily forget too, amidst all the to do lists.

  2. Ah, yes. Time away from lists. Great thought. Must remember that.

  3. Wise man. Wise mama.

    Praying for an easier go of it this week.

  4. I've been thinking about you after reading into the frustration in your (voice) comment you had left having to do with homeschool on Renee's blog last week. I'm so glad you were able to do this and come away from it with a feeling of rejuvination. We all need that. What a beautiful place you found.