Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Monday, June 27, 2011

Savoring Summer - the Sun

I have lived in many different parts of our country.... Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina, Vermont, Minnesota, Michigan....and now we live in the Pacific Northwest.

My first thought when about the possibility of living here was, "But it rains there - a lot."

It's true. For much of the year, we are under cloud cover which is often accompanied by wet stuff falling down.

But summertime is glorious ~ three months of sun, with very little rain.

It seems summer has finally arrived (although today is cloudy and tomorrow's forecast calls for rain). I'm savoring every moment the sun shines.

These photos were taken yesterday, while picnicking in a nearby park.

This post is part of FIMBY's Savoring Summer series this week. FIMBY is by far one of my all time favorite blogs. Renee writes about homeschooling, intentional homemaking, family adventure and more. Her posts are very thoughtfully written and I enjoy them all.


  1. Enjoy the sun Baby! Here in NS it seems they get a lot of rain also. I feel like a sun worshipper when it does come out (I guess in one way I am!)

    Thanks for joining in friend. I know I emailed you privately about Raising Arrows but man oh man, that book is rocking my world right now - so exciting!!

  2. I just clicked on here through FIMBY. I love your photos. We used to live in the Pacific Northwest (Olympia, WA) and miss it like crazy! Thanks for the wonderful reminder of that beautiful area!

  3. Beautiful! I also came through FIMBY. I would love a move to the Pacific Northwest someday...

    Thanks for sharing.