Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boot Camp - Day 17

Dishes and Cookware

I did NOT pull everything out of my cupboards. Having just moved into this house with this smaller than I'm used to kitchen, I just went hunting for unnecessary items. My goal was to find 3 things.

I found all of these...

and these...

and these....

Here are some after pictures of a few of my decluttered cabinets

Clearly I have a pottery bowl clutter problem...
I certainly don't use them all at once, so they are not all necessary,
but many were made by a friend and I can't stand donating them to a thrift store. I prefer the unique ones that don't match our plates and my husband prefers the matching ones! The smaller ones are the perfect size for our young children. favorite shot

I'm also quite happy with the spaciousness of this corner cabinet -
everything is easy to reach and quite accessible.

Two years ago I easily had twice the amount I have now. It's amazing how much stuff most people have that they never, or rarely, use.


  1. I actually said, "Beautiful" when I saw these shots. It's kind of like talking to myself (or to the computer screen!). :)

    Jill how wonderful. 50% less from 2 years ago? That's a great feeling. Interestingly the types of items you got rid of were almost identical to the ones that we tossed when I helped a friend with this day of Bootcamp recently.

    There were odd old travel mugs and cake pans galore that got tossed. She did clutch tightly to all of her loaf pans though!

  2. I still have 5 loaf pans - I used to have 19 - I'm not kidding!