Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Boot Camp - Day 6


I would not consider myself a "shoe person" and yet when I pulled out all my shoes I realized I have 17 pairs. I guess the reality is that I have 30 pairs because I have "gear" shoes - hiking boots, snow boots and water shoes. I can even remember getting rid of 5 pairs of shoes in 2010.

I did laugh when I pulled all my shoes out - I am a very boring shoe person. Black or brown seems to be my minimalist choice as far as color is concerned. I was able to choose 5 pair I no longer need. I do plan to buy a good pair of sandals for summer, but that can wait.



I know...I see the multiples. I like to keep a pair of newer sneakers for wearing while working out inside and the other pair are for camping/walking outside/yard work, etc.

I find myself wavering quite a bit when I'm decluttering, but I've found that if I ask myself a simple question "What am I afraid of by letting this go?", I am able to let it go more readily.

I'm learning that just because I have something doesn't mean I need it. And just because I use something doesn't mean I need it. I actually chose to get rid of a pair of shoes I wear almost every day. Why? Because I realized that I slip them on to walk to the mailbox every day and that's about the extent of their use. I DO NOT NEED A CERTAIN PAIR OF SHOES TO WEAR TO THE MAILBOX. Yes....they are easy to slip on and off, but I can put one of my other dozen pairs of shoes on.


  1. Mailbox shoes! I love it. You sound just like me Jill. I'm always inventing one-use items that are used just for that. I used to have a pair of "theme park shoes" that I'd only wear when I went to theme parks. Similar concept!

    Now I'm down to three pairs, but I still have one "limited use" pair. They're an around the house, super-nop shoe that's supposed to be like a foot reflexology treatment.

    Grrr. Don't take those away from me!


    p.s. Are those rain boots I see? How adorable!

  2. Yes - they are rainboots! I live in the Pacific Northwest, plus my girls love it when I wear rainboots like them : )