Give me neither poverty nor riches, but give me only my daily bread - Proverbs 30:8

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Boot Camp - Day 3

Junk Drawer

I quit.

We have a ginormous junk drawer. It is very organized. Does that count for something?


I went through this the best I could, but a lot of this stuff is not mine. My dear husband uses this drawer as a catch-all. If I move it around too much, he notices and starts asking "Where did you hide the ....?"


I know it's not a big difference, but I was able to throw away quite a bit. I do realize I'm a "multiplier", as Tanja would call it (meaning I have multiples of some things), but as a homeschooling mom of 2 kids, I do feel the need for some multiples. However, looking at this picture, I am seeing some things I can still get rid of.

The junk drawer is organized and doesn't actually bother me as much as the space above the junk drawer. This is almost always my clutter, so it's definitely something I can work on.
I also have a homeschooling "junk drawer". I plan to tackle that when we get to hobbies (I consider homeschooling my hobby now since it doesn't leave me any time for pursuing other hobbies). I am hoping to completely re-purpose this drawer.


  1. Quitting already Jill? It's only Day 3!!!

    Actually tomorrow is something you're gonna love because I'm unveiling my personal junk drawer. You can quit after you look at the picture of it!

    Or maybe it will inspire you to keep going. :)

    Yeah there is a lot of stuff in those drawers, but oh how beautifully organized they are! And I can see that you got rid of a few little things between the before and after shot...

    You're doing awesome!

  2. Good for you!!! It's really easy to lose steam when you look at an entire drawer. I think I saw Tanja mention that she likes to look at things from the aspect of category rather than location or room. You might want to divide the drawer's contents into categories for a different perspective on what is actually in there. I took our drawers in our kitchen and literally dumped them on the counter then only put back what would fit neatly. It was a huge help to see everything we had and realize that we didn't "need" any more than we put back. If that makes sense. You are so inspiring me to tackle my tools in my garage. I know I've got multiples out there even without looking!

    Great Job JIll!

  3. Okay, Jill, that junk drawer is work of art!!

    It's funny you said that you noticed some other stuff you could get rid of upon seeing the picture...I've noticed the same thing. When I see it in a photo I see it differently. I've been thinking this is a good strategy!!

    I completely agree with homeschooling as a hobby!! lol!! It can be so consuming!! Have you collected any curriculum you never really used??? I could probably do homeschool stuff on the Collections day, too!! :)

    Oh, and your homeschooling drawer is nice!! I spy the dice!!! We've got our dice handy, too!!! Must be a homeschool thing!! :D

  4. Tanja....a lot of the stuff in the drawer is my hubby's so I don't feel comfortable getting rid of it. I'm not sure he would even notice, but it's not my stuff.

    Kevin...I'm already rethinking my position on some of the multiples. I only like one of the pencil sharpeners. Until last week, I thought we only had one - then I found another one. So I know only having one is totally feasible!

    Laura....The dice and colored tape are actually part of my violin teaching supplies. I have just started teaching again and use the same area for lessons that we use for homeschooling. I just need to keep thinking and re-organizing how space is used.

    I used to have twice as many dice - just 3 weeks ago I cut my collection in half!